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Branch Out
My Field in Sussex

The little film clip was edited together by Rehana whose film ‘Dead Good’ was filmed in part at my

field and features some time I spent with Jake making my mums coffin.!

On the land I grow varieties of ‘Living Willow’ and ‘Basket Willow.

SevSeveral years ago I got lucky and bought some land, this small plot is both work and pleasure in

one. Planting many willow whips, indigenous trees and more recently a hedgerow, (thanks to a

grant from the Woodland Trust) I now have a sustainable crop of willow to make willow rings,

wreaths and to generate plenty of kindling which I sell at farmers markets in the winter months.

Seasonal Ring/ Heart making Workshops.

(Groups of 10)

Willow Rings I supply to florists and wreath making groups, willow whips to creatives who grow

living sculptures, arches and domes.

Recently the basket willow can be used for, eg light lanterns used in the ‘Burning of the Clocks festival’ in Brighton celebrating the Winter Solstice.

Some ideas for willow ring use, as they are sustainable and can be used time and time again :

wreathes, making light rings using fairy lights to hang from trees or fences or on walls.


Willow hearts to make symbols of love. Used by florists and individuals to place eg on

gravestones as there’s no metal there’s no metal staining. To hang on doors or if freshly made

they are plantable and will grow in situ. Annual cutting of willow starts in November until the end

of February, willow varieties are flexible at this time of year for assorts of creative endeavours.


Please contact me if you are interested in bringing a group to my field to make willow rings as a

perfect winter activity!

There’s usually scorched potatoes from the fire at these workshops, irresistible….

Min of 5 people. Prices start at £25 pp.

Willow rings;  various dimensions and  thickness. 25cm -45cm £5-9. 

Discounts for orders over 10 and for florists. 

Uses; making wreaths or light rings using fairy lights.

Willow hearts; various sizes, from £7 popular for love wreaths to hang up or to put on graves as there's no metal, metal can leave staining on stones.

Bundle of seasoned kindling from £3


Willow wall planters.

This design is to hang flat against a wall. Made with willow  and natural coco matting. Perfect for plants needing very little soil such as succulents. 30-45cm £16-£25

Portable cradle willow planters. Designed to be picked up, moved around, indoor/ outdoor. Made from willow and natural coco matting 99% environmentally friendly.

Perfect for tomatoes, herbs, geraniums, bulbs. Strong and rustic, approx sizes length 60-70cm, width 25-35cm. £32


If you are interested please contact me. 

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